Why use an Escort Agency in Pattaya.. (The City of Sin)

By Nam Namwan1, May 14 2019 11:57PM

Why indeed, most people would ask. Pattaya is Pattaya, girls are a dime a dozen.. sure. Why pay for an escort? Well here are a couple of good reasons.

1) Convenience: You have a look at the menu, you choose your meal. At Pattaya Escort Girls our girls gallery is 100% guaranteed. Meaning every photo you see on there is 100% authentic, the girl you see in the gallery is the girl that is going to be knocking on your hotel door in the next hour or so. And that is guaranteed, if she doesn’t look like her pictures on the website, your booking is free! No photo-shopping no, no bullshit. What you see is what you get. Guaranteed!

2) Service: Guaranteed service, something that is sadly lacking in this city. On the profile of every girl you will see a list of all the services provided by the girl, some of them come at an extra cost, of course, but you get what you pay for. Any problems? Call the office and it will be fixed. If you and the girls really cannot get along, she can be replaced. Service is 100% guaranteed. This is why almost half of our customers are return customers, and almost 60% of customers that have used our escort services, used them more than once.

3) Security: No girl is going to be, cheating , stealing or drugging you. Pattaya Escort Girls is a well established and respected escort agency in Pattaya and we have a very good reputation for being an honest and trustworthy business. We pride our ourselves on quality and service excellence. Our girls are well looked after, safe, and well paid, there is no need for dodgy business, any trouble what so ever and again all you have to do is call the office and everything will be sorted out in no time.

4) STD’s: No fake heath certificates and other fake documents, all documentation can be checked and verified at Pattaya City Hospital. Our girls are checked once a month, both for your and their health, only safe sex is practised and a clean bill of health is guaranteed.

5) Discretion: Discretion is our mantra at Pattaya Escort Girls. What happens in your room, stays in your room, and discussing customers with staff members or anyone else, for that matter, is cause for instant dismissal. Your secrets are your secrets and they are safe with us. All bookings are done as discreetly and privately as humanly possible, unless you request otherwise .. obviously.

6) Get what you pay for: A customer’s right that is sadly lacking in Pattaya. You are promised the world and is left disappointed time after time, after time. Oh, but its so expensive? Is it really? Remove the bar-fine and lady-drink prices from our booking prices and is it really more expensive? Additionally, with us you get to specify exactly what you require from your booking and everything is confirmed and settled before your escort arrives at your hotel. There are no surprises for either you or your escort. No disappointments, no dead fish, or starfish experiences. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your escort or the service, we are a phone call away and will deal will any problems you might have. At Pattaya Escort Girls you get exactly what you pay for .. every time.

Sep 18 2019 07:22PM by Dravid

Makes sense..

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